Ford announced a recall today for 144,000 F-150 truck models throughout the US and Canada, that were manufactured in 2005 – 2006, due to a short circuit in the air bag system.

Truck assembly in the Norfolk, VA manufacturing plant possibly went wrong and the airbag systems appear to have assembly faults. A wire circuit issue may cause the airbags to deploy at a random time, according to the recall announcement.

The company has acknowledged receiving dozens of complaints from customers citing the problems with the airbags. The main concern from drivers was that the airbags in the F-150’s were randomly deploying shortly after the driver had started the truck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet posted the information about the Ford trucks. A company representative did reference a report of an injury related to a driver jumping from the truck when the airbags deployed for no reason.

The F-150 is Ford’s top-selling vehicle in the US and has placed Ford at the top of the market in the truck industry. The notice of the recall is going to be sent out to Ford customers starting in early March. Repairs for replacing the faulty wire will be done free to Ford owners by dealerships.