Television producer Brian Grazer has just confirmed that at least seventeen new episodes are in the works for the cult favorite sitcom Arrested Development

During an interview in B.S. Report, Grazer confesses to Grantland’s Bill Simmons that, despite the show never being “a huge thing” compared to other shows such such as 24, they “are going to do 17 episodes” and urges Simmons to “stay tuned for Arrested Development“. Grazer confirms this around the 24:22 minute mark in the video interview, where the subject switches to the series.

Rumors of another season of the series have been spreading ever since Netflix picked up the show for streaming and released a brand new season consisting of 15 episodes on May 25th, 2013. However, nothing concrete or specific has been mentioned on the series’ fate until now. One of the biggest challenges could be getting the cast together, which was a one of the roadblocks in the fourth season.

Arrested Development first premiered on November 2, 2003, on Fox, and had a troubled three-season run on the channel. Despite the critical acclaim and a loyal fan following, the series suffered from an erratic schedule and low viewership. Fox cancelled the series in 2006, only to be revived by Netflix several years later. The series was created by Mitch Horowitz and executive produced by Ron Howard, who also voices the narrator.

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