2 Broke Girls S5 e17: “And The Show And Don’t Tell” Review

The 2 Broke Girls “And The Show And Don’t Tell” episode starts out with Max suggesting a game of rock-paper-scissors over a controversial customer who was flashing his jewels in the diner.

Enter Han, who teases Max and Caroline about being back from Hollywood so soon. Of course Caroline rubs it in his face that she is about to make $250,000 and have a movie made about her life.

Sophie appears in the diner and as usual the background cheer goes wild. Is it because of her clothes?  She is almost always in a hot pink dress, fake white fur and faux brooches, it’s like she never dresses for summer. Is it always chilly in Williamsburg?

Maybe its because of her Polish accent and her instant door pose.

Either way, she is an exotic character, what’s not to love?

In this episode Sophie is excited about her long overdue baby’s gender. It is a miracle she got pregnant after all, the woman must be in her late 50s.

She and Oleg ask the girls to recommend a baker for their gender reveal cake. Like seriously? Poor Max does not know what a gender reveal cake is, i wouldn’t judge though because the first time I heard of it was on Shameless when they made one for Debbie. It’s funny how Sophie phrased the statement, and a wonder CBS airs the show at 8.30pm while the kids are still up.

Max has an idea of opening a dessert bar were they serve cupcakes and cocktails, which is odd because the last thing on a drunk’s mind is a cupcake. They finally get the gender revealing cake job but Caroline messes it up by icing the cake white after a butter fight with Max. I guess its the reason why the episode was named  “And The Show And Don’t Tell”.

At first i was worried Caroline would not be able to keep a secret like Max and then she went overboard so no one knows what the sex of the baby will be, except her of course.

What do you think the gender of the baby will be?


Han: What’s your movie called? “Straight Outta A Job?”

Sophie: Hey, everybody! Today’s the day Oleg and me find out what kind of sex our baby’s gonna have.

Earl: Why do we need to know the gender anyway? They all switch ’em now.

What did you think of this week’s show?  Leave your comments below!

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