2013 Super Bowl HDTV Sales – Any Good Ones This Year?

2013 Super Bowl HDTV Sales – Any Good Ones This Year?

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for stores to offer Super Bowl HDTV sales in the lead up to the big game.

But 2013 appears to be a bit of an off year for any really stunning HDTV sales.

Here’s an example: Best Buy has a Big Game Prime Time Picture sale going on right now.

They feature nine Samsung HDTV’s in the sale. The largest of the bunch is a 65 inch smart 3D HDTV for $2,299.99 – that’s $1000 off list price. Sound good on the face of it, eh? But with just a little research, we found it’s not really much of a ground shaking deal – or at least not to Best Buy alone. The same HDTV can be bought at Amazon for slightly less, $2,297.99.

In fact, at publication time, every one of the 9 HDTV’s in Best Buy’s Super Bowl sale were $2 less at Amazon. Is Amazon poaching Best Buy’s prices? Likely. Will $2 affect your decision to get one of these in the mail rather than picking it up in person? You’ll have to let us know.

Not listed in Best Buy’s sale, but one of the best small HDTV bargains we found, is a 26″ Dynex HDTV for $139.

One notable “deals” site was all excited about Walmart’s sale this year.

They do have quite a few HDTV’s in their sale. We looked through and compared prices on about twenty of them. One stood out, an RCA 46″ LCD HDTV for $378. Lowest cost we found anywhere else is $469 (Best Buy). All the other HDTV’s had prices similar to what other sites offer, and are roughly comparable, price wise, to sales they have had over the past year.

Amazon has a few noteworthy specials in their Super Bowl sale. There’s a 32 inch Toshiba HDTV on sale for $230. The closest price we found on that TV elsewhere is Radio Shack, which as it for $299. They have a 42 inch RCA HDTV on sale for $349. The closest competitor we found for that is Walmart, who has it for $399.

But looking through most of the major retailer sites a week before the Super Bowl, no one sale or HDTV deal stands out dramatically from the rest. Overall, HDTV prices have been falling, margins are tight, and it doesn’t look like anyone will really shake up the market this Super Bowl season.

Have you found any stunning HDTV Super Bowl deals? Prove me wrong by listing them in the comments section below!

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