2014’s Most Violent Video Games From Consumer Reports

Before you go shopping for that new video game your kid is dying to play, you may want to check and make sure it’s not on Consumer Reports list of “Most Violent Video Games of 2014”.

Video games and video game consoles are the hottest sellers for the holiday season, so this list probably isn’t  too popular among retailers and the video game industry.

Not surprisingly, most of the games on the list are some of the biggest sellers and most sought after titles among  tweens and teens.

Here are the top 5 Most Violent Video Games (all 5 have a Mature ESRB rating)and why :

Grand Theft Auto V: Part 5 in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is as violent and gory as ever.  Besides the fact that the game revolves around stealing cars and evading the police, there’s lots of violence, nudity, language and gore that many parents don’t want there kids seeing.

Watch Dogs: This is a game all about the world of hacking and contains  lots of nudity and violence.  This game is bad for kids on a lot of levels: it makes the idea of spying on people and invading their privacy seem like fun, promotes drug and alcohol use and shows extreme violence.

The Evil Within: An intensely  scary video game about survival at all costs, this one will give kids nightmares for months.  There’s lots of blood and guts, in addition to foul language as kids assume the  main role of a detective named Sebastian, who escapes a psycho murderer and must fight for his life.

Assassin’s Creed Unity:  Unity is the latest installment of the series and the violence and sexual content are as strong as ever, in addition to lots of alcohol and cursing.  This game takes place during the French Revolution and could have really taught kids something if less emphasis was placed on the fighting.

Sunset Overdrive: This is the only game on the list that is not available on all platforms and is exclusively for XBox One.  There is lots of drugs, sexual content, violence and blood as kids play a super hero who must save the world from people who have become mutants after drinking an energy drink that was tainted.

What do you think of this list?   Do you agree or disagree that kids shouldn’t play these games?  Tell us your opinion below.

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