Chrysler group announced the addition of the all new Hellcat engine to the Dodge Challenger SRT line. This engine is said to be the company’s most powerful production car engine yet.

The 6.2L Hemi V8 will use a supercharger to produce 600 plus horsepower . This new engine will have forged alloy pistons, powder forged connecting rods, heat treated  aluminum alloy cylinder heads, and die cast aluminum rocker covers, which will obviously be Hemi orange.

To harness this ferocious engine output owners will have the option of either a beefed up 6 speed  manual, or the new “TorqueFlite” 8 speed automatic.

Interesting is the use of two key fobs, red and black.

The red fob allows the engine to remain unbridled.

The black limits the output of the engine, I assume this is for rainy days or allowing your friend to drive, you know the one who has several accidents under their belt.

Also of note is a valet mode which seriously stifles performance. In this mode the engine is limited to 4000 rpm and remapped to produce less power and torque; the tranny locks out first gear, returns to street mode and cancels the steering wheel shift paddles input; the launch control is disabled. Basically you need not fear your car will be abused like the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller’s Day off.

As in all modern performance cars you will have the option of various performance settings. Custom, Sport, Track, and Default settings are controlled through the U-connect system. The car is always in default upon start up. By selecting Sport and Track you access preprogramed settings to the steering, transmission shift points, horsepower, suspension and traction controls. In Custom, you can play with these parameters.

At a time when government strangles the performance and joy out of cars, its refreshing to know that there are still companies willing to provide a thrilling vehicle with all the noise and power the gearhead requires.