The Ford Focus has been one of the world’s best selling sedans since it’s redesign in 2012. With it’s latest change in looks and options, it looks to stay that way.

The Focus used to be thought of as a low-cost economical throw-away car, but that’s all changed. I used to own a 2001 model, and it was the least reliable car I’ve ever owned.

After getting rid of it in 2009, I said I would never own another Ford.

That changed when I saw a beautiful blue 2012 Focus in my local dealer’s showroom. That very car still sits in my driveway almost 3 years later. I can say from experience, the evolution of the Focus has been phenomenal.

Now with the new 2015 redesign, I’m excited all over again. I’m already plotting a trade-in. Why? Look at it!

Ford implemented the same front end that can be seen on the higher model Fusion. It gives the car a more sophisticated look, instead of the vast amount of plastic on the previous design. It will still be available in the sedan, hatchback, and performance ST models.

As far as the interior, there’s some changes there as well. The overall look and feel is still the same, but there is now a back-up camera as a standard feature.

If you opt for a model equipped with MyFord touch, you can check your surroundings on a cool 8-inch screen. For models without MyFord Touch, a back-up camera is still standard on a 4.2-inch screen. Also available is the popular blind spot warning system and lane-keeping assist.

Under the hood, there’s even bigger changes. There are now two powertrain options for the 2015. The 4 cylinder 2.0 is returning with its same 160 horsepower and up to 40 mpg. The second option is the 3 cylinder 1.0L ecoboost currently seen in the Fiesta.

Ford has not certified the mpgs on this model yet, but the Fiesta gets upward of 40 mpg. However with the Focus weighing a full 300 pounds more than the Fiesta, we’ll have to see if this option is feasible.

The 2015 Ford Focus will be arriving in showrooms in the later part of 2014. Pricing has yet to be announced, but the current models start at around $17k.

What do you think of the changes coming to this best selling car? Would you consider purchasing the Focus? Let me know below!