2015 Subaru BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora Edition Is Now Available

Subaru has announced the release of the latest version of the overwhelmingly popular BRZ sports coupe.

Now available, the 2015 Subaru BRZ Sport-Tech Aozora, features some STI garnish.

Priced at $31,395CA, the Aozora edition looks and handles even better than before thanks to the revised suspension for all 2015 BRZ’s.

In the U.S., it starts at $25,695, but is labeled the Series.Blue.

The engine is the same 200 hp, 151 lb-ft, Boxer 4 cylinder as before. This engine is capable of 7.0 L/100km, or 33.6 mpg, on the highway making it a practical and inexpensive toy.

Subaru offers the choice of two 6 speed transmissions, on manual and the other automatic. Hint: pick the manual!

While no powerhouse, the BRZ’s light weight and perfect balance of power and handling, provide the driver with astounding capabilities.

The original car is an absolute joy to drive, the steering is direct, the feedback is precise, the whole feel of the car couldn’t be better.

So I thought, but Subaru wanted more, and so they added some tech from the STI into the BRZ’s DNA.

Borrowed from the STI are the 15 spoke aluminum alloy 17″ wheels, red brake calipers and skirt package designed to enhance aerodynamics.

The standard tires for the Aozora are Michelin Primacy 215/45HP. This summer only tire blends comfort with a good amount of grip in the wet and above average grip on dry roads. They will cost approx. $230/tire to replace.

Why has Subaru not opted for a super grippy tire?

The BRZ is not powerful to need anything more. If they supplied a stickier tire, the fun to drive factor would be lost, as the playful tail happy nature would be ruined.

As for the interior, only minor upgrades nothing drastic.

Taken from the STI is the red start button, but new to the Aozora are sport seats featuring Black and Blue Alcantara, blue stitching is found in the steering wheel, arm rests, door trim, shift boot and parking brake lever.

To signify this as a special limited Edition, it is available in two new colours, WR Blue Pearl, and Crystal White Pearl.

While the changes are mostly superficial, the end result should prove to be a slightly better great car.

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