2016 Infiniti QX50, The Perfect Blend Of Power, Prestige And Utility

2016 Infiniti QX50, The Perfect Blend Of Power, Prestige And Utility

For 2016, the Infiniti QX50 has been made just a little bit more special.

It still boasts one of the most powerful engines in its class, it is still a good looking vehicle, and it remains as comfortable as ever.

Infiniti has made a few changes however.

The QX50’s wheel base has been elongated by 80 mm (3.2 inches). This has resulted in 8.3 cubic feet more interior space over the outgoing model, making for a total of 115.4 cubic feet.

The extra roominess will be most noted by rear seat occupants who will revel in the additional 109 mm of leg room.

One thing I have long admired the brand for is their interior design and execution. The cabins feel of the highest quality, driver focused and very comfortable. The interior of the QX50 is no exception, with even base models boasting aluminum trim and leather seats – which are heated for front seat passengers.

One package I would select, besides the 11 Speaker Bose Audio System, is the AVM (around vehicle monitor). It delivers a 360 degree view outside the vehicle and uses front and rear sonar as well as 4 cameras to guide you into the trickiest spots without incident.

For ease of utility the rear seats are 60/40 fold-downs and the wide rear hatch and low loading height make daily use a joy.

The list of standard and optional equipment and technology is impressive, so to keep things brief, if you want it, the Infiniti has it.

The exterior changes are minor with new front and rear bumpers and lower fascia treatments, new LED Daytime running lights and the new Infiniti double-arch grille. The overall effect is the CUV now looks even more coupé-like.

There is only one engine available for the QX50, a 3.7L V6 that pumps out 325 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque.

The power is delivered to either the rear wheels only or all 4, through a 7-speed automatic that can be controlled manually and features rev matching down-shifts.

An interesting extra that is available is the – free for the first year – Infiniti Personal Assistant. Basically you have access to a group of people that will offer you directory assistance, weather forecasts and can even arrange for hotel and restaurant reservations on your behalf.

Presumably, with 325 hp and sport tuned suspension, you will be far too engrossed in the art of driving.

I wonder then, theoretically speaking, if you were to give the assistants all of your important dates on day one, if they would proactively make arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries and the like. If so, there will never be a “you forgot our anniversary” moment, as the assistants will have already made reservations at your significant others favorite restaurant and saved your butt. Not sure if it actually works that proactively, but I can dream.

The Infiniti QX50 is a fun, comfortable and convenient CUV for those looking for a little more of a wow factor. And perhaps it could save your marriage one day.

Consumer Expert Robert Nichols

Robert is a lifelong car nut. He works as a Technician with 16 years experience and has multiple trade licenses. Having worked on vehicles ranging from Porsche's, fire trucks, trains, and industrial/mining equipment, he has a varied and broad knowledge base to draw on. But his favorite thing to do is drive, be it on two or four wheels.