2K Games Launches Teaser Site For New Sci-Fi Game “Advent”

2K Games is teasing a new video game project through a teaser website. The website is named adventfuture.org, and it teases a utopia gone wrong.

The website appears normal at first, as it displays information about something called the ADVENT Administration. The normalcy is quickly broken as a red message pops up and reads “The ADVENT is lying to you.”

Secret messages like that make up the whole website. They all seem to tease some secret about the ADVENT that we don’t know yet.

An entire paragraph becomes the message “we are still watching” over and over. “Sign up for the ADVENT” becomes “Sign up at your peril” and many other secret messages.

The website is definitely hinting at something sinister going on behind the scenes.

ADVENT claims that it is “Building a better future together” and that the “Cities of tomorrow are here.” It even claims that its gene therapy will free you from all illnesses.

2K Games previously revealed that it was working on a new triple A game. With E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) just around the corner, it’s quite possible that this is said game, and that it’ll be unveiled there.

Is ADVENT making you an offer you can’t refuse? Let us know in the comments!

Consumer Expert Kesten Harris

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