3 Days To Kill Released

The new action thriller 3 Days To Kill, starring Kevin Costner, is hitting theaters today.

Kevin Costner plays Secret Service agent Ethan Renner, who has purposefully kept away from his wife and daughter to protect them.

After discovering he has a terminal illness, he decides to give up his job and spend the time he has left reconnecting with his family.

Then he’s offered the chance at an experimental drug that might, possibly, save his life.  The catch?  He must go on one last mission, to stop a ruthless terrorist.

The bigger catch?  The mission coincides with his first opportunity in years to care for his teenage daughter.

This clip gives viewers a brief preview of Kevin Costner in action.  Riding a bicycle, Agent Renner plants a bomb, takes out two bodyguards, and hijacks an SUV–all while being observed by a kid reading an “Agent Secret” comic book, who’s in awe of seeing the story apparently coming to life before his eyes.

3 Days To Kill is directed by McG and co-stars Hailee Steinfeld as Renner’s daughter, Connie Nielsen as his estranged wife, and Amber Heard as a Secret Service colleague.

Heading to the theater?

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