Mexico PoliceNearly 10% of Mexico’s federal police have been fired for corruption this year, according to Federal Police Commissioner Facundo Rosas.

As part of Mexico’s war against organized crime, 3,200 Mexican federal police have been fired since May for possible ties to corruption or failure to do their work.

Out of those that have been fired, 465 police have been charged with crimes and 1,020 face disciplinary proceedings.

The firings are the results of a probe into the federal police that began in mid-May.  The officers that were fired make up almost 10% of the total police force, which has approximately 34,500 officers.

Several weeks ago a group of officers in Ciudad Juarez were publicly accused by their fellow officers of corruption. It ended with a fist fight outside of headquarters. Those officers were among those who lost their jobs.

Rehiring of the officers on any level – local, state or federal – is prohibited at this point.