At the 2015 Montreal International Auto Show, Subaru held the North American reveal of the Subaru VIZIV 2 concept.

This model represents the coming direction of the brand, with a focus on offering vehicles that provide both peace of mind and enjoyment.

The VIZIV 2 is a crossover that has been designed to blend environmental friendliness and performance.

Being a Subaru this performance will come in the form of Symmetrical All Wheel Drive.

But what makes this crossover standout is the powertrain it offers.

It uses a hybrid system that employs a small displacement turbocharged engine.



The VIZIV 2 is a plug-in hybrid. The system is made up of a turbo 1.6L Boxer engine which combines with a high-torque CVT and three electric motors; one in the and two in the rear.

The addition of the high voltage battery and other hybrid components was accomplished without compromising the unique Symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel Drive) layout that every Subaru is known for.

Subaru’s aim was to deliver a balance between new technology and its traditional qualities.

Therefore the VIZIV uses an “Independent-rear-motor-driven symmetrical AWD” system. This will showcase the way forward for the brands AWD technology.

Building on the idea of peace of mind, the VIZIV will possess the next generation of Subaru’s EyeSight system. This new system uses stereo cameras to detect emerging traffic conditions and works with 360-degree sensors for autonomous driving.


The idea behind the body was to present a vehicle that appeared to offer safety and solidity.

The concept certainly looks rugged, with the side view lending a dynamic stance when coupled with the strong fenders.

The front features a hexagonal grille with headlights that are large and circular serving to hammer home the idea that this vehicle is for the active outdoor crowd.

The hexagonal theme is carried to the rear where the combination lamps contribute to a wide and sturdy look.

What do you think of Subaru’s vision for the future?