A Conviasa ATR-42, similar to the plane that crashed Monday morning.

Thirty-six people survived a Monday morning plane crash in Venezuela, according to government officials.  Of the 51 passengers and crew on the plane that went down in the state of Bolivar, fifteen have been confirmed dead.

Bolivar Governor Francisco Rangel Gomez said that the majority of those who survived were taken to area hospitals and clinics.  Many have serious injuries.  The Governor has declared three days of mourning for those who lost their lives.

Government owned Conviasa Airlines is the operator of the plane that crashed.  Flight 2350 was going from Isla Margarita to Ciudad Guayana when it went down about six miles from its destination.

The plane crashed near the front gate of a large steel mill, and workers from the mill pulled survivors out of the wreckage.

A Best Western employee has stated he saw the crash firsthand. He witnessed the plane hit several power lines before crashing into the ground.

The pilot has been identified as Ramiro Cardenas.  The names of those that died have not been released.  The cause of the crash is still under investigation.