38 Free Android Apps in Amazon Appstore May Bundle

The Amazon Appstore for Android is offering 38 apps discounted to $0.00 through this Saturday.

The apps in this month’s bundle normally sell for a combined $110. They include a slew of games, a few kids apps, and personal finance tools.

The apps can be installed directly from Amazon, the Amazon Appstore for Android app, or added to your account via the Web and installed at your leisure.

Unlike in previous months, Amazon is filtering out apps you already own on the bundle landing page – assuming you’re logged in, of course. You can still explore all the free apps in the subcategories under “Free App of the Day Bundle”.

Many of the apps have been offered in previous free bundles. A few of the new ones include:

Rebuild (normally $2.99): Unlike many apocalyptic hack’n’slash games, Rebuild is focused on getting civilization going again. There’s zombie-killing, to be sure, but also organizing survivors, developing technology, and making neighborhoods safe in this turn-based game.

Sago Mini Space Explorer (normally $2.99): With no ads or in-app purchases, this open-ended game is made for kids who like to explore. There’s aliens, robots, a flying saucer, and of course, a canine astronaut (you know, a space dog). For the grownups, there’s Star Command (normally $2.99).

Daily Expense Manager PRO (normally $3.99): Keep track of income and outflow, set budgets, monitor multiple accounts, and even record purchases with receipt photos and warranty expiration reminders.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer (normally $4.97): If you missed G-Stomper Studio when it was given away in March, you can at least pick up its synth component for free now. Design custom sounds and arrange up to 12 tracks in the polyphonic step sequencer, or just play with the musical keyboard.

You can also pick up sequels to games previously offered for free, like Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (normally $2.99), Sorcery! 3 (normally $4.99), and Angry Birds Seasons (normally $0.99).

Who frequents these monthly app and game bundles? Let’s talk in the comments!