3DMark By Future Mark Released For Windows PC Gamers

3DMark By Future Mark Released For Windows PC Gamers

Futuremark has just released a new version of 3DMark for PC gamers. There’s no version OS or “2013” in the name, it’s simply called ‘3DMark’.

It features three independent benchmark tests, which include game tests, scoring, unified tests etc.

Each test is designed for different hardware devices ranging from smartphones to high-performance computer systems.

The new 3DMark relies on individual scores for each test, making the results more accurate and comparable. The three tests include Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike.

Ice Storm is designed for smartphones, tablets and desktops that rely on Direct X 9.0.

Cloud Gate is for Direct X 10.0 systems, such as notebooks and high performing desktops.

Fire Strike takes it up a notch with Direct X 11.0, and it’s designed for the latest gaming systems of today.

Three editions of 3DMark will be available; Professional, Advanced and Basic. The free version is the Basic package, which luckily will include all three tests. It can also be connected to an online account for keeping track of results.

The advanced version will allow for custom settings and comparison of online scores, while the professional version is for engineers, benchmark testers and the likes who want to compare details down to the second.

3DMark is currently available for Windows 8, 7 and Vista. It’s coming soon for Android, iOS and Windows RT.

The free version of 3DMark is available for download from Futuremark’s website.

Are you a gamer? Would you go for 3DMark for benchmark tests? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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