4 Awesome & Affordable Kids Birthday Gift Ideas

4 Awesome & Affordable Kids Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are planning to attend a child’s birthday party anytime soon and aren’t particularly close with the birthday kid himself, knowing what to get can be hard.

Even if you do know the child well, searching for the perfect gift is challenging, especially on a budget or at the last minute.

Luckily, kids are easy to shop for, and are pleased with just about anything. Here are four awesome and affordable kids’ birthday gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and will be loved by boys and girls alike:

 1. An Art Basket

An art set is a perfect gift for a kid at almost any age.

Pick up a basket, load it with crayons, sidewalk chalk, glow in the dark pens, washable markers, a sketchpad, and some play dough. You’ll definitely be able to assemble the basket for under $20, and most dollar stores will have all the art supplies you could possibly need.

Put everything in the basket, tie a ribbon around it, and you’re set!

 2. A Board Game

Not only do kids love games, but these games are also great for developing logic and thinking skills.

Some of the best kids games out there include Candy Land, Uno, Shoots and Ladders, Jacks, and Operation.

Most stores will offer games for under $20. If you want to spend a little more than that, grab a couple different games (like a deck of cards for Go Fish and a set for Uno), and pair it with a child’s puzzle or logic book.

If the birthday kid isn’t particularly fond of games, science, biology, or exploration kits are also a great way to entertain a kid while also making him think, and most kits can be found for under $30.

 3. An Activity Pass

Talk to the child’s parents before putting together an activity pass to make sure that it’s OK. If the parents approve, assemble or purchase a pass for some sort of activity for the child.

If the child likes ice-skating, you can get him a gift card to an ice rink that his parents can then take him to. Or, if the birthday is in the summer, a pass to the public pool might be a great idea.

If you’re close to the child in question, you can create an activity pass for you and the child to do together, such as coming on a family outing or getting ice cream together.

Try to focus the activity pass around something that you know the child already likes.

 4. A Spy Set

Every kid loves a little mystery.

Turn this birthday gift recipient into a private detective by putting together a spy set for him. Purchase an inexpensive set of binoculars, a magnifying glass, a novel such as Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, a notebook and pen to record any clues found, and a manual on how to be the perfect spy.

You can also include a book of mysteries that’s made for children to solve.