47 RoninPreviously released in five separate issues, the full 47 Ronin comic will be available on March 4th of this year.

Based on a real life event that took place in the early 1700’s Japan, the 47 Ronin legend has been retold in many different formats.

Most recently in the 2013 film by the same name. Ronin is the Japanese term for “Samurai without a master”.

In the Dark Horse comic, Asano leaves Oishi, the head of his estate’s Samurai, to manage his affairs as he travels to the Shogun’s Palace for a court appearance.

While there, Asano gets into an altercation with Kira, the man who was supposed to be teaching him court etiquette, over Kira’s demand for a bribe.

Because of Kira’s connections, Asano is quickly sentenced to death for drawing his sword in the Shogunate.

Shortly after Asano’s estate is split up, his Samurai are disbanded and become Ronin.

Oishi, however, has a plan to restore Asano’s honor, so he and 47 of the displaced Samurai pretend their lives have fallen apart to make Kira believe he is safe.

After a year the 47 Ronin, led by Oishi, meet up to charge Kira’s estate and place his head on Asano’s grave.

Ever since hearing the story from a friend in the mid-eighties, Mike Richardson had wanted to retell it.

Now over 20 years later, with the help of artist Stan Sakai, the full 47 Ronin comic is finally complete.

The hardcover edition is listed on Amazon for $14.99 and is available for preorder.

I received a digital copy of this book through NetGalley, Diamond Book Distributors and Dark Horse Comics in exchange for an honest review.