Up-and-coming new boy band 5 Seconds of Summer just released their self-titled debut album.

True to their name, this album is filled with songs that bring to mind summer!

Most of the songs are about relationships: finding one, being in one, or breaking up.

However, even at their saddest, the music still contains exciting guitar and drum beats that would make good dance music. A few show potential for more depth, which promises an interesting future for this group.

The first track is their debut song that was released worldwide, “She Looks So Perfect,” which topped the charts in several countries including Australia, Ireland, and England.

The songs continue to discuss happy relationships until “Everything I Didn’t Say,” the sixth track, brings up a remorseful break-up. “Long Way Home” branches off from the rest and shows that the group is capable of writing more complicated lyrics.

The break-up topic continues until “Mrs All American,” the eleventh track. An interesting title choice from an Australian band! The last song, “Amnesia,” introduces a sadder tone to their songs, and stands apart from the rest of the album for that.

5 Seconds of Summer’s album shows promise and potential for growth, but for now, their first album gives plenty of music to dance to.