5 Things to Do on Your First Trip to Toronto

For many Americans visiting Canada, Toronto is the first stop. There are lots of things to do in Toronto, which can be overwhelming for first time visitors. Here are five things that tourists should plan to do on their first visit.

Climb the CN Tower

At 1815 feet high, the CN tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, eclipsed only by the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower. It attracts more than two million tourists each year. Once visitors reach the top, they can walk across the glass floor and stare down at the city below. Adrenaline junkies can even harness up and walk on the outside of the tower.

Visit the Royal Ontario Museum

Scared of heights? Visit the Royal Ontario Museum, called the ROM by locals. The ROM has more than six million items, spread between forty different galleries. The wide variety of natural history and world cultural exhibits are enough to keep curious visitors busy for days. The Canadian history collection is extensive, and perfect for tourists who like to learn about the local history.

Visit Casa Loma

Casa Loma was built by an extremely wealthy Torontonian in 1911. For about a decade, it was his private residence, but now, it’s a museum and famous landmark. Visitors can tour the exquisitely decorated home, explore the five acre gardens, and follow the underground tunnel that connects the main home to the stables. Many locals believe the whole place is haunted.

Go Shopping

The Toronto Eaton Center, a large shopping mall, is the city’s top tourist attraction. More than a million visitors come here every week. Tourists looking for a more unique shopping experience can head to Kensington Market, where unique clothes and one-of-a-kind souvenirs can be purchased.

Visit the Exhibition

The Canadian National Exhibition has taken place every summer since 1879, and now gets more than a million visitors every year. The exhibition runs from mid-August to Labour Day. Locals visit the fair for the food, which includes such novelties as deep fried Mars bars and Nutella fries. Agricultural shows, live performances, and carnival rides are the other main attractions.

Toronto is a big city with lots to do, so tourists won’t be able to explore the entire city in one visit, but should plan to include these five activities.

Photo credit: “Toronto” by Michael Gil  is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Consumer Expert Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell is a Canadian writer. She has a diploma in hospitality and has worked at multiple resorts. You can find her at www.jennifer-mitchell.ca or on twitter at @its_jennifer_m.