The Best Man HolidayThe Best Man Holiday hits theaters today.

This is a sequel that’s 14 years in the making and to my surprise and joy it was well worth the wait.

This holiday rom-com features the same all-star (and very attractive) ensemble cast of  Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa, Regina Hall, Harold Perrineau and Terrance Howard.

Eddie Cibrian is a welcome addition to the cast. I thought the movie was awesome and here are the top five reasons why you will too.

It’s a sequel to the The Best Man, duh!

1999’s The Best Man was a really good movie. It was funny, well written and well acted.

Fans of the film have a favorite character that they either love or hate. It’s one of those movies you watch over and over again.

Most sequels don’t feature the entire original cast. I think the fact that the gangs all here, says a lot about the actors and their commitment to the characters in this film. So this second installment is like reuniting with old friends…and foes. Either way, it’s like a homecoming.

It’s a tearjerker

The first film told a story of a group of friends reuniting for a wedding and there’s some comedy, some drama, some sex and a bit of heartbreak thrown in for good measure.

In this second go-round there is way more heartbreak. The issues facing various couples are a but more serious. There’s financial hardships, infertility, even death.

Be warned you will need a Kleenex.


I’m not advocating violence. I believe people should talk about their issues and work them out like adults.

However, every once in awhile, somebody just needs to get the crap kicked out of them. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good cat fight?

Dance Break

Okay so I’ll admit I didn’t really understand the reason for the New Edition lip-syncing performance. They haven’t seen each other in 14 years, when did they practice this?

Still it was really entertaining.

Terrance Howard

Terrance Howard as Quentin-is by far the best character in the film.

He has grown up a bit from the first film and become successful, but he’s still crass, rude, inappropriate, hysterical funny and intensely loyal.

Whether he’s sexting pictures of little Q, playing drunk Santa for the kids or being the adviser, secret keeper and confidante for one of the group, he’s always right on time. He’s amazing in this movie.

All in all, The Best Man Holiday is a sexy, funny, poignant start to the holiday movie season. It’s well worth going to!

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