50% off premier seats for the Los Angeles Clippers is being offered by the website YourBestDeals.com in their ‘Deal of the Day’ special.

Every day, YourBestDeals offers a deal of the day for every city. They provide their service by aggregating deals, promotions, and sales from across the web. Many of these deals are localized for a specific U.S. city, although many others are universal to all locations.

In addition to 50% off premier seats for the LA Clippers, they have a Los Angeles Clippers Family Pack, which includes 4 tickets for level 200 seats and an authentic Clippers jersey for $125, normally a $275 value, according to their website.

The Clippers tickets are not the only promotion currently under way for the city of Los Angeles, as they also have a promotion for 50% off the Q-Cina Green Cafe in North Hollywood for an order of their signature ½ pound Kobe beef burger with either french fries or garlic fries.

The deals and promotions on Yourbestdeals.com are updated every day.