6 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

It seems like it happens every year: your schedule gets packed so full that you will end up shopping for some, if not all, of your gifts at the last minute.

Last minute gifts don’t have to look as if they are last minute, as long as they are selected with the recipient’s personality and hobbies in mind. Below is a list of 6 great last minute gift ideas that are so creative no one will know they were purchased during crunch time.

Specialty Food and Beverages

Specialty foods and beverages are the perfect way for your special someone to indulge in some luxury treats they may not buy for themselves. There is a wide range of specialty foods to choose from, such as bottles of imported wine, flavored olive oils, unique blends of bread and cracker spreads, or a high-end chocolate.

Also consider your local bakeries and confectioners to see what type of grab-and-go or easy to box items they have for gifts.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a fast and easy purchase and can be purchased as either fun or functional gifts.

Functional gift cards would be to places such as gas stations, grocery stores, or multi-purpose department stores. Fun gift cards could be for their favorite restaurant, spa, or clothing store.

If the last minute gift you are buying is for a person from out of state, you can find many businesses who deliver electronic gift certificates via email for online shopping.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are another great last minute gift idea. You can go to one of your friends’ favorite stores, such as a sporting goods store, tech store, gaming store, or specialty boutique, and see if they have any pre-bundled gifts.

If not, you can grab a bunch of small gifts and wrap them in a gift bag as a fun filled bag of surprises.

Electronics and Accessories

There are always new gadgets and accessories hitting the market, and most gadgets come with a variety of fun accessories.

Consider the gadgets your friend already has, such as a tablet, and look for unique accessories they are unlikely to have. This could be almost anything: a fun case, stand, solar charger, or  specialized gaming tools.

Clothing Accessories

Even if you don’t know a person’s clothing size, there are some standard clothing accessories that you can never have enough of. This could be gloves, scarves, pashminas, earmuffs, hats, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, a purse, a briefcase, or jewelry.

Since accessories are a matter of personal preference, be sure to ask for a gift receipt in case an exchange is needed.


Tickets are another last minute gift that can be purchased in a wide range of price points.

You could buy tickets to the local movie theater, comedy show, local performing groups, touring musicians, off-Broadway shows, opera, symphony, black tie events, charity events, or sporting games and events.

The key to buying the perfect last minute gift is to shop with the recipient’s hobbies, favorite activities, favorite’s stores, and personality in mind. By investing just a little bit of time into your gift selection you can find a last minute gift that stands out from the crowd.