7 Tips For Getting The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Money

7 Tips For Getting The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Money

There’s not one “best” vacuum cleaner that’s right for everyone.

Each shopper, and each home, has different needs.

Here are 7 tips for getting the best vacuum cleaner to fit your pocketbook and lifestyle:

Canister vs. Upright

There are two common vacuum types on the market: canister vacuums and upright vacuums.

An upright vacuum has the bag attached and is your typical “push” vacuum with rotating bristles underneath to sweep up dirt and soil.

A canister vacuum usually has a cylindrical body on wheels attached to a hose and nozzle and the body will follow behind you as you vacuum.

Canister vacuums can be beneficial because the separate hose allows for easier access to hard to reach spots like under coffee tables and sofas, likewise they can be more lightweight and easy to carry up several flights of stairs.

Uprights meanwhile, are heavier and have trouble getting to those hard-to-reach places. However, they don’t require their user to bend over frequently and can be much more easier in many owner’s opinions.

In the end, how you plan to use the vacuum will be the major factor here.


These days many vacuums come with attachments for the hose.

Even upright vacuums these days often can become a canister-in-an-upright if they have a hose attached that you can switch air flow to.

When purchasing a vacuum check what attachments come with the vacuum. Attachments can be useful for cleaning special areas of your home such as a ceiling fan or an expensive chandelier that needs a more deft touch when vacuuming.

What Are Your Floors Like?

What floors you have can obviously have a considerable impact on what vacuum you should choose.

If you’re vacuuming a store or other large commercial space, it may be worth it to invest in a more powerful motor for your vacuum.

For home use, if your floor material differs greatly from room to room (for example, light carpet to heavy carpet to hardwood), you should consider purchasing a vacuum that has multiple speed settings.

Different speed settings apply to different surfaces. For example, light carpeting works better with a vacuum working at a low speed, while hardwood or a relatively bare surface can be cleaned more thoroughly with a faster speed.

Try it First!

The store you’re purchasing a vacuum from may or may not have floor models for you to pick up and “try” before buying.

If possible, try to get a feel for the vacuum before selecting one.

Pick it up and test the weight. Is this something you’d feel comfortable carrying around your home and up your stairs?

Will it fit in your closet?

Is it comfortable to use? One vacuum might feel more comfortable for you to use than another, and since vacuuming isn’t necessarily the most engaging and enjoyable of activities, it’s better that you choose a vacuum that won’t require excessive work or stress on your part.

Read the Reviews

We live in an age where shoppers have a huge amount of resources in their hands.

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner you should research the product online.

Read reviews others have made about the product on sites such as Amazon, or on the store’s website.

Some sites or magazines may do a comparison of several vacuums and declare one vacuum superior.

Consumer Reports can be a great way for you to learn more about a vacuum cleaner and its ratings prior to purchasing.

Just remember, the features of one vacuum cleaner might be perfect for one household’s needs, but your needs may be different.


The best things in life are free…. but unfortunately that isn’t true of vacuums. When selecting a vacuum, be wary of your price limitations.

It’s (probably) not the best idea to pick the cheapest vacuum cleaner on the market. But don’t fall for “the most expensive one is the best” trap either. Some vacuums are horrendously overpriced. There are a wide variety of reasonably priced vacuum cleaners that work very well.

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