A Metal Aesthetic In The Home

A Metal Aesthetic In The Home

While brick and wood are popular in home interior design, metal offers a unique aesthetic appeal.

Have you considered the contemporary appeal and durability of metal materials in interior design?

You may think that metal is too industrial for your tastes; but, you may want to reconsider the possibility of incorporating this age-old material into your home’s design scheme.

Accessorize with Metallics

From gold and bronze to silver and nickel, you can bring a certain regal feel into your home when you explore the many aesthetic possibilities metals bring to any space.

This metallic trend is being picked up by more homeowners. Homeowners who want to capture the depth and reflective properties that gold and bronze offer.

HGTV says that metals are making a comeback in the world of home decor but it’s important not to overdue it. You can incorporate a few accents, such as a gold-leaf end table, a brass metal ball, and a sunburst mirror.

Using a few pieces can tie a room together without looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s also a good idea to pair metallics with natural fibers to create a vibrant, glamorous look. Try adding a decorative, copper pendant light in your dining room, offset by bold red chairs and a blue accent wall to enhance the dramatic presentation of the room.

While metallics may be making a comeback into increasing numbers of living rooms across the country, there are some metallics that are presently more fashion-forward than others.

Metals such as gold and brass are taking center stage over silver these days, says Good Housekeeping, with designers pairing these warm metallics with almost any color to make a warm, yet bold statement.

HGTV says that copper is edging out the other metals in terms of trendiness, but only when done in moderation so it’s not too overpowering.

DIY’ers at heart, who like to refurbish and up cycle old items, can try their hands at painting galvanized metal, offers TLC; but, it’s important to do it right so the paint doesn’t peel off later. Take any old metal piece and breathe new life into it with a fresh coat of paint in any color of the rainbow.

Metal as Part of Feng Shui

If you’re a lover of feng shui, then you’ll be happy to know that metal–one of the five elements of this decor style–affects mental clarity and logic. Its presence in home decor points to the presence of organization, focus, righteousness, and analytical abilities, according to HGTV.

It’s best to blend metallics with one or more of the other elements–wood, fire, earth and water–as too much metal in your space could be indicative of a person who is chatty, overly critical, and prone to speaking without thinking.

The right balance here is important since too little metal shows you’re quiet and cautious, with a lack of focus. HGTV recommends adding round or oval shapes to your room in any metal while balancing them out with rocks and stones. Further mix the décor with a blend of light pastel colors, grays, silvers, or whites.

You can easily achieve the depth and style you desire for your home when you add metallics to the design mix.

Photo credit: CC Kevin Krejci via Flickr

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