Nintendo and Sony Pictures are in talks for a Mario Bros. animated movie.

This news comes to us thanks to the recent Sony hacks that have taken place. As a result of those hacks, a few emails between Nintendo and Sony have been made public about negotiations over the animated film.

Producer Avi Arad sent emails to Sony Studio Head Amy Pascal about the film, and they both sounded to be on board, with Pascal having said “Avi closed Mario Bros.” to the Mario Bros. creator and CEO of Nintendo.

While the development may still be in its infancy as all parties figure out the details, this is a great start for fans of the video game to see an animated film about the adventurous plumber.

While movies from video games haven’t had the best track record – see any video game based movie – with the right screenplay and director, I think this will have a good chance as an animation.

Who can forget the first Mario Bros. adaptation in 1993, Super Mario Brothers, starring John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins.

If you do remember it, I’m sure it’s not for a lot of good points. The movie wasn’t that good. Probably because the video game was a bit too fantastical for a live action, 90’s film. That being said, I think there’s a lot to look forward to with an animated version.

Are you looking forward to a Mario Bros. movie, or do you think it’ll flop?

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