A Secret Seinfeld Reunion?

A Secret Seinfeld Reunion?

Is a Seinfeld reunion in the works?

This past week, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on WFAN radio show Boomer & Carton to talk  about football, but the conversation ended up addressing Seinfeld reunion rumors.

The rumors began because Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were seen outside of the series’ iconic New York landmark, Tom’s restaurant.

Seinfeld confirmed that the reunion was filmed for a “secret project” that lasted longer than 60 seconds.

Seinfeld also revealed that other alumni from the show were involved – including Larry David, who will not appear on camera.

The project was also shot at other locations. However, Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Jerry’s apartment were not on that list.

The mystery Seinfeld project will not be a recurring series, but it will be revealed “very, very soon,” according to Seinfeld.

You can watch Seinfeld’s interview by clicking on this link.

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