Back in July, Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez announced their new partnership. Together, they will revive Winsor McCay’s groundbreaking comic strip, Little Nemo Return to Slumberland.

Winsor’s Little Nemo Return to Slumberland first appeared in the New York Herald in 1905. Shanower and Rodriguez’s reboot of the classic comes out this spring.

Nemo chronicles the adventures of a young boy battling his way through a dreamworld. One of the greatest challenges of Little Nemo is shaping the intangible stuff of the subconscious.

Rodriguez, who spent seven years illustrating Joe Hill’s Locke and Key, is well suited for the task. Throughout Locke and Key, he gave invisible concepts like anger and sorrow physical shape.

All signs point to Rodriguez’s success.  Last night he tweeted a snapshot of his beautiful pencil work for Nemo’s Cloud People.

His surreal depiction balances the whimsical with the bizarre.

He again tantalized fans this morning with a snapshot of his ink and detail work on the comic’s Candy Kid.

Rodriguez and Shanower’s collaboration on Nemo is promising. The two are nominees and recipients of multiple awards.

Readers can follow Gabriel Rodriguez’s progress on Twitter by following @GR_comics.