Those who did not want to pay the high price for a browser centric laptop when the pricey Samsung Chromebook released, now have a cheaper alternative. The new Acer AC700 Chromebook is available now!

In the past  Google introduced two Chromebooks from two different manufacturers Samsung and Acer. Samsung is already available and it has already made a good impression among the users. Coming along now is the  Acer Chromebook, which can be ordered from for $349.99, though Amazon has has a note on their site saying the Chromebooks will not be shipped until mid-July. Still, it’s enough for the Chrome lovers who wanted a cheaper Samsung Chromebook alternative.

As everyone knows now, Chromebooks basically netbooks loaded with a the Google Chrome browser. Everything the Chromebook users will do will be saved in the cloud, and they can continue their work easily from any other device which is connected to the internet and has Google Chrome as the browser.

The main difference between the Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook is the look. The Samsung Chromebook looks a lot more stylish than the Acer’s one. Acer has also one major drawback – the unavailability of 3G connectivity unlike the Samsung Chromebooks. Acer has promised that the 3G versions will be shipped later this summer.