Add Some Punch To Your Pots This Fall

By the end of August, flower pots look sad, wilted, and dying.

By adding a few simple plants now for foliage, texture and color, your pots will last long into the Fall.

For foliage add sweet potato vine in yellow or burgundy foliage or try a coral bells for an wider variety of great fall color.

Try dwarf ornamental grasses for wisps of texture.  Ornamental peppers create a great splash of warm autumn color and soon pumpkins and gourds will be available to place between the plants.

Fall is a great time to plant mums, asters, and pansies in your pots.  Some annuals may still be thriving such as marigolds, zinnias, and impatiens so replacing the weak plants with fresh new fall ones will give the whole planter new life.

As most plants have been in their planters for over four months, now is a great time to fertilize.  Some fertilizers, such as the organic Flower Tone only last six weeks.

Osmocote will only last three months.  Either one applied by the nursery or the gardener has run its course and should be reapplied to continue healthy plants for the next two months.

To enhance your pots, remove any plants that are not thriving and replace with fall favorites.

While some plants will die at first frost, others such as ornamental grasses will look great until Thanksgiving, especially when coupled with pumpkins and gourds which resist frosty weather.

Even if you have never gardened, adding a potted mum with a pumpkin and gourds set in a basket on your porch will enliven your entry way without overwhelming you with caring for it.

You can extend the life of your planted pots and beautify your home by adding texture, foliage and flowers by shopping at Lowes, Home Depot or your local garden shop.

Have any great ideas for this year’s fall planters?  Please comment below.

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