Following the leak of its trailer, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was announced days ahead of schedule today.

With the reveal of a November target release, it looks like the franchise may be on a collision course with Battlefield 5.

Little is known about the upcoming Battlefield 5, but rumors have been circulating that a late 2014 release may be on the cards.

Reports are also indicating the series may move away from its traditional military setting and be police themed.

Call of Duty and Battlefield have a history of going head to head, with promotional material from both sides directly targeting the other prior to the release of previous installments.

Both franchises took heavy criticism following their releases last year, with Battlefield being beset by bugs and COD: Ghosts failing to innovate.

As such both have a lot to prove this time around, and to add to the pressure it looks like both franchises are being developed by new teams.

What does this mean for shoppers?

With both titles looking to be coming just in time for Christmas we can expect some tough decisions about which gets left under the tree.

Are you a COD junkie or a Battlefield nut? Which do you think will come out on top?

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