Fitness Magazine‘s article, “The Best Fitness Tools for Your Home Gym,” offers a list of affordable, basic workout items that can be incorporated in a home workout routine.  

These basic workout items are available at Walmart just in time for spring and summer at-home fitness routines.

Here are a few options of items that are currently available:

Resistance Bands

Walmart has a set of four J Fit Resistance Exercise Bands that is priced at $15. This set comes with a clip to attach and secure the bands, and offers a different level of resistance with each band. These exercise bands are good for strength training as well as rehabilitation exercises.

Fitness/Stability Ball

Walmart sells fitness/stability balls in several sizes. The Golds Gym Fitness Ball is available in 55 cm. for $10, 65 cm. for $10, and 75 cm. for $8.97. These fitness balls are useful for stomach exercises.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can be used for several routines because they provide extra grip. One yoga mat option from Walmart is the Lotus Yoga Mat Classic Thick 5mm. This mat is a solid blue color on one side and solid grey on the other, and is extra thick for added comfort. This mat is currently priced at $17.24.

Jump Rope

The Tone Fitness Speed Jump Rope has an adjustable rope length and is available for $4.90. Jump ropes are most useful for cardio workouts.

Gliding Disks

The Gold’s Gym Power Slide Disks are currently available for $7.53 for a set of two disks. These glide disks have two sides: one side that is smooth for carpeted surfaces, and one side that is fabric for wood and other hard surfaces. These disks are most useful for lunges and squats, but can be used for other exercises as well.

To see more options of these basic home workout items, visit a local Walmart store or browse Walmart’s website.