When the dust settles in Agents of SHIELD’s explosive season finale, Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) digs into his new toolbox and begins building the future.

Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) was on hand to help Coulson bring down Garrett (Bill Paxton), giving Coulson a chance to address some unfinished business.  Once Coulson destroys Garret, he confronts Fury about his resurrection.

Coulson reprimands Fury, stating the serum, GH325, was intended for Avengers who were killed. Fury ends the argument with one word: “Exactly.” Fury shares that Coulson was always the heart of SHIELD, but now he is SHIELD, the embodiment of protection- the ultimate Avenger.

Coulson accepts the challenge of resurrecting  SHIELD  with the help of May, Skye, and the rest of his team. Fury goes off the grid, but assures the team he’ll be everywhere. Armed with a small black box (Fury’s toolkit), Coulson begins.

The foundation of SHIELD is sure to be fortified under his tutelage. He does, after all have the “key to evolution” coursing through his veins. Who better to orchestrate SHIELD’s new beginning? It seems, though, the serum has curious side effects.

After the team arrives safely to a new base, compliments of coordinates found in the toolbox, Coulson stands alone before Garrett’s mysterious etching. Thoughtfully, he walks to the wall and draws an elaborate system of symbols.

It’s clear he sees the same secrets that excited Garrett. Unlike manic Garrett, Coulson pensively steps back from his work. Is Coulson’s reserve an indication of danger? The mysterious vision isn’t the only potential threat for season 2.

Just before Coulson’s final scene, Raina saunters into a seedy room. She stands beside a dimly lit deformed figure to whom she reveals, “I found your daughter.” She passes the figure a picture of Skye. Will the monsters once again reek havoc in their quest to retrieve her? And if they do claim her, will the reunion awaken her “true” nature?

What did you think of tonight’s finale? What predictions do you have for the season to come?