Agia Varvara Park in Drama, Greece

Greece is known mostly for its heavenly beaches and islands.

Drama is situated in the heart of Northern Greece, at least 40 km away from the sea. The town keeps a little secret in its heart and it is called – Agia Varvara Park.

Imagine yourself, walking in the early afternoon on the streets of Drama. It is thousand degrees outside, and the only thing you think about, is coolness.

The moment you enter the Agia Varvara Park, you are fascinated. The air is cool and fresh. The park has long paths and trails, and a few small wooden bridges.

Drama’s park is a home to ducks, swans and fish. The water is crystal clear and there are a few small waterfalls.

The shade from the tall trees is thick, and not a single sunbeam can make its way to the ground.

Agia Varvara Park has a coffee house where you can taste the famous Greek frappe. The small white tables are arranged alongside of the water, giving a nice view to each visitor.

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