Air Hogs Battle Tracker reviewThe Air Hogs Battle Tracker set looks great – that is while it’s still in the package.

When you first open the R/C it looks and feels expensive, and the Automated Robotic Tracker (A.R.T.) itself is great.

The robot tracks the way it is supposed to, it is durable, it works exactly the way it says. But there are major problems with the helicopter that comes with it.

Just a few examples:

This is perhaps the biggest, most annoying problem the helicopter has, no matter how much the trim is adjusted, the helicopter spins uncontrollably. It really can’t fly, and considering the controls consist of only 2 channels, this isn’t a good thing. There is a risk of injury because you cant steer it out of the way.
When maneuvering, or flying at high speeds, the disks jam up and the launcher is unable to fire, and considering the helicopter spins so much, the disks jam up quite often.
The helicopter unplugs from the charger easily by mistake while in the process of re-charging. The battery ends up being short of a full charge, shortening playing time, and possibly shortening the life of the battery.

There are other minor issues that users have reported as well, such as unstable takeoff. The helicopter sucks itself into the wall very easily, etc. These are all things that make the helicopter a rather poor product. I expected more.

The robot is a very good product and Air Hogs should sell it separately. It has many pros.

It works very well (exactly the way it says in commercials and on the box), it is very durable, it tracks better than an actual human using the remote that comes with it it and is very economical on batteries.

It fires the darts much farther than expected and has a very long tracking range. Pretty much everything works properly and the only con is that the wire that attaches the controller to the device is very thin, weak, and breakable.  It should be a little thicker.  But on the whole, a great device!

Now, if I were the manufacturer, I would remove the helicopter from the set itself. The A.R.T. should be sold separately to be used against other Air Hogs R/C’s, such as the Sharpshooter, Hover Assault, etc. The set should be sold for much less if it is going to come with the helicopter.