Air Hogs Havoc Stinger Review

Air Hogs Havoc Stinger Review

The Air Hogs Havoc Stinger (sold exclusively at Walmart) is a very easy to fly helicopter. It is well built, very durable (I have had a few nasty crashes with it!) and it has nice color schemes.

The contents of the box are an instruction manual, the helicopter itself, a remote controller (with built in charger), a pair of replacement tail rotors, and a rotor removal tool.

The box is nice too.

The first impression you get is that you are flying a very nice chopper.

The Stinger is a 2 channel, indoor helicopter. It charges in approximately 30 minutes (I timed it), and you will get about 20 minutes of flight from a charge.

The helicopter features a flight stabilizer on the top of the main rotor, a gravity slider, flashing lights on the front of the chopper (“eyes”) that flash green, a fixed landing gear that is shaped like the stinger on a wasp.

It has no gyro, so there is some difficulty flying in a straight line. But it is easier to control than a few other Air Hogs vehicles.

So on the whole – a great helicopter, but not a great deal, should it be $30? No.

You can get a 3 channel R/C for the same price. But the helicopter itself is great, a quality R/C!