A web forum run by the infamous al-Qaeda has been shut down by hackers. This forum, called al-Shamukh, served as their online distribution for videos and statements.  This network is responsible for all Al Qaeda video messages including statements to the outside world. So far, no one has claimed responsibility.

At first the website’s address stopped working, but could still be accessed via its IP address. 12 hours later all the website’s data stored in the hosting server was completely deleted. It is believed that the two events could have been ochestrated by the same hackers. A number of news reports speculate that this could be a Western intelligence sponsored initiative.

Earlier this month, a list of senior prominent individuals in government, industry and media was released on the al-Shamukh forum. According to The Telegraph, these were said “to be targeted for assassination by lone terrorists”, and 40 others were warned by the FBI that they were on the al-Qaeda’s “hit list”.

Earlier this month an al-Qaeda English language site was hacked into where bomb making instructions were replaced with instructions for making nice puffy cup cakes!