Alexa, Call Santa: Use Your Echo or Google Assistant to Dial Him Up

It looks like Alexa really can do anything, even call good ol’ St. Nick.

Google Home and Amazon Echo are both adding a free feature allowing parents to call and talk to Santa; although “talk” may be a bit of an exaggeration as the conversation is decidedly one-sided.

Available now across Google devices (the Home, Mini or any phone with Google Assistant), all you have to say is “Google, call Santa” and your speaker or device will connect with the North Pole and the big guy himself; you can see how it works in the YouTube video below.

Once your connected Santa will ask your kids a few questions, then play some pre-selected Christmas songs.

The process is similar using your Echo devices thanks to a new Alexa skill courtesy of iHeart radio.

Once again, you simply say “Alexa, call Santa” and kids will hear that jolly voice asking them a few questions before launching into some Christmas music.

For little kids, this is a fun way to bring some Christmas magic into their lives; however, kids that are a bit older will most likely catch on to the fact that Santa can’t answer their questions, possibly ruining the magic.

But, there are number to call to speak with Santa if you want a more personal experience and some are even free; click here to find out more

And who knows, maybe Alexa can get Santa to bring you something nice this year- all you gotta do is ask!

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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