Alfredo Simon, 29, turned himself in Monday after a shooting took place in which a man was killed and a 17 year old was injured in the Dominican Republic. The pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles stated that the shooting was entirely accidental.

“…It was some accident; it happened by accident,” Simon said, speaking of the incident that killed Michael Esteban Castillo, 25, early Saturday morning. He told police “That’s why I came (to the police station) — to open my soul.”

Simon allegedly fired a gun into the air and then left the scene. Later he was informed that the projectile had fallen on Castillo, striking and killing him. “In truth that young man was my friend, like a brother,” said Simon.

Simon’s teammate Julio Lugo went on record as saying, “We don’t know if it was him. He wants to clear up what happened, but no one really knows if it was him for sure.”

Police are still investigating the incident, and Simon is scheduled to appear for arraignment at the Puerto Plata courthouse.

Lugo said, “We’re concerned about his career or whether he’s going to have to go to jail.”