Alien VS Predator: Evolution | Coming Soon To Android/iOS [Trailer]
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Alien VS Predator: Evolution | Coming Soon To Android/iOS [Trailer]

Alien VS Predator: Evolution Alien vs Predator was a hit comic series. The title was later brought into movies and video games.

The popularity seems never-ending with Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games announcing Alien vs. Predator: Evolution for iOS and Android.

The action happens on a distant planet during the war between Predator clans. The players become a killing machine and are given the freedom to spill as much blood as they desire.

The players can choose to be Xenomorph or a Predator. Both characters have their own playing styles and storylines. Predators destroy while Xenomorphs fight to save their beings. The gameplay is in third-person mode.

Players will start as beginners, and by gaining experience points, they’ll be able to transform their characters as they acquire a new set of skills. Humans are featured in the trailer (below), which means they’ll have a part to play.

While we know that Alien vs Predator: Evolution will land on iOS and Android, there’s no exact release date yet. According to the trailer below, it’s “Coming Soon.”  MTV says in the first quarter of this year, so it shouldn’t be long.

Here’s the trailer for Alien VS Predator: Evolution. Are you a fan? Does this story send chills down your spine? Leave your comments below!


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