The spaceship simulator-slash-RPG developed by Little Green Men (LGM) Games and published by Iceberg Interactive officially launched yesterday.

Starpoint Gemini 2 puts you in the role of a spaceship captain seeking not only to avenge the murder of his father, but to unlock the mysteries left in the wake of his death.

The real draw of the game, however, is its free-roaming gameplay and level-progression system.

You can follow the path of freelance mercenary, taking on varying contracts and hunting down notorious outlaws to stake a claim on their hefty bounties.

You can follow the path of a high-flying trader, stocking up on commodities with your massive freighters and then selling them to planets and stations willing to pay top dollar for your haul.

Or you can go the route of space pirate, plundering lucrative trade lanes and isolated mining stations for cold, hard cash.

You also gain experience as you shoot, trade, mine and salvage your way through Starpoint Gemini 2’s vast system. This experience will allow you to gain perks and develop your chosen captain’s abilities, from creating dimensional anomalies to improving the fighting capabilities of your fleet.

Did we mention fleet?

Yes, you can actually assemble your own fleet of frigates, cruisers, battleships and dreadnoughts – assuming you have enough rank to get mercenaries to sign up with you.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is heavily inspired by Freelancer and the X Series – spaceship simulators that developed cult followings of their own. The game itself was first announced in December of 2011 and been released as an early access title on Steam since September 2013.

You can buy the spaceship simulator on Steam, which is on 20% discount until the third of October.