All The OMG Moments From GOT Season 6 Ep 2 Home

I’m still on a high from Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, Home.

So many moments. So many feels!

Let’s just get into it, the TOP OMG Moments from Episode 2.

Whatchu Talking ‘Bout Wylis? – Okay first of all, Bran is like double the size he was two seasons ago, although I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to have only been a few months ago.

Apparently he’s been lying on the on the ground tangled in some branches dreaming for months. He was huge so maybe the tree fairy kids have been feeding him. I guess poor Meera and Hodor just have to sit and watch him dream.

Hodor has a name. And it isn’t Hodor. How’s that for a plot twist?  Hodor/Wylis could speak back in the day, like real words besides Hodor! I need answers. What in the world made him lose it? I suspect something real big and bad.

In our flashback we get to see Lyanna, Ned and little Benjen Stark, who looks like Rickon when we last saw him.

In my opinion, finally getting to see Lyanna foreshadows Jon’s eventual back story and all the secret (or not so secret anymore) history leading to that R + L=J storyline!

I also think Hodor/Wylis has a lot more to say than we originally thought!

I did find a weird contrast between seeing a young Hodor and his giant’s blood not being able to learn to fight, Ned’s admission that he’d be unstoppable if he did, next to the Mountain’s obvious brutality. My Spidey senses are tingling, I feel like there was something there.

Side note, I understand Bran cannot walk but I wish they would stop laying him on the ground like some newborn calf, can we sit him up at least?

Tyrion Makes New Friends. – So Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm and Varys are just kicking it in Danaerys’s throne room/den chatting about Tyrion’s alcoholic tendencies.

These  four are supposed to be ruling in Dany’s place however, the masters have retaken the slaves and her fleet of ships have burnt to a crisp.

Personally, I think if they get off the couch and actually rule instead of binge watching Netflix all day they could get something done (Okay maybe I’m projecting).

Anyway, the dragons are on a hunger strike and because Tyrion drinks and knows things he figures it’s because they are chained up. So he decided to go make friends with the dragons and unchain them. The dragons totally dig him. Most likely because he knows things. There is a theory that Tyrion will be riding one of the dragons when Dany finally returns to Westeros to reclaim her throne. This meet and greet between Rhaegal, Viserion and Tyrion definitely gives that theory some traction.

Tyrion Drinking

A Girl has Had Enough. – So we find Arya still in a pretty serious time-out.

I mean I feel bad when I take my kid’s iPad, No Name took her actual eyes, dude! And then she has to sit outside dirty and hungry while her evil stepsister drops by to kick her butt every day. I mean, come on! So maybe she slit some guy’s throat. He had it coming.

I guess No Name feels she learned her lesson. After a particularly bad beating by said stepsister, he gives Arya a quick evil assassin pop quiz and she passes so, he’s like, alright, you can home.

I honestly hope Arya isn’t too contrite, I’d like her come back to Winterfell one day, a straight badass. I don’t think you can do that once you give up your face to the Many Face God. Either way, I think her training is going to get more intense now.

Scrooge Vs. The Ghost of GreyJoy Past. – I don’t care what anyone says, Balon Greyjoy looks EXACTLY like Ebeneezer Scrooge. And I’m so busy wondering what’s he’s done to Tiny Tim, that I can’t concentrate on what he is saying. Something about reclaiming his throne, but whatever dude, we haven’t seen you since season 3 and no one cares.

Yara is not here for it. She tries to tell him that , that yeah no one cares. Plus he’s still angry at her for trying to rescue Theon when he was busy being Reek. So he is all scrooge-like and dismisses her concerns and bids her good night.

For some reason, he decides to walk a tight rope bridge in the middle of the night. In a storm. Alone. Exactly.

When he gets to the middle of the bridge, some other wet and gloomy guy will not let him pass, I’m guessing he was the Ghost of GreyJoy past. He speaks cryptically and then unceremoniously tosses Balon over the side into the dark abyss.

Turns out this is Balon’s long lost brother Euron. He’s is back from cutting out tongues and terrorizing people. Or college. Also, he thinks he’s the Drowned God, so there’s that. Anyway, since he’s a male he can challenge Yara for her father’s soggy throne.

Maybe it’s a good thing Theon is on his way home.

Ramsey and His Little Brother

Father Doesn’t Know Best. – It’s almost like Roose Bolton had never actually met Ramsey. I knew from the time he hoped out loud that lady Waler gives birth to a boy that things were looking bad for him.

First, he is reprimanding him in front one of the Karstarks traitors for letting Sansa get away.

Then he proceeds to veto Ramseys idea to march on The Wall to recapture Sansa and  kill Jon Snow, the Lord Commander, whose already dead.

Then Mr. Worse Timing Ever comes in and announced that a new bouncing baby boy has been born.

I automatically hear Wu Tang’s “Protect Ya Neck” in my head, but apparently Roose isn’t a hip hop fan, because he get’s congratulations shank to the belly right after. Who’s got the juice now?

I had mixed feelings about this because Roose has earned a slow tortuous death. The Red Wedding still makes me nauseous. I wanted Arya to kill him, but I guess since she has no name that’s not going to happen. Also with Roose out of the picture, there is no one left to put a leash on The Bad Seed.

I never thought I could hate a character like I hated Joffrey. I was wrong. He’s gone completely off the reservation. As you can see his first act as Lord Bolton was infanticide. Thanks.

Thank you GOT, because having an hours-old infant and his mother mauled to death by dogs is something we were all missing in our lives. That we didn’t see it but heard i didn’t make it any better. It actually made it worse.

The Gang’s All Here. – I hope Ramsey does mosey on up to The Wall, because baby, what’s waiting for him there is no joke.

Edd, who is totally gangsta by the way, brought all the wildings, including WunWun, to set folk straight. It wasn’t even a fight because I mean, he’s a giant. Those cowardly crows threw down their weapons instantly.

For just a moment I wanted Tormund to actually kill Ollie.

Yeah, I know he’s a kid. So was Joffrey.

He’s Alive!

He’s BAAACK! – Okay, so I don’t think there is any book or show fan who really thought Jon Snow was just going to die and that would be the end of it.

We never gave up on you Jon!

I was worried that they would drag it out for weeks for weeks to torture us. But finally, Davos was like “hey what’s up got any magic around here?” Because or else why are you even here lady?

I was holding my breath while Melly was doing her thing, my thoughts alternating between “PLEASE WAKE UP!” and “PLEASE STOP CUTTING HIS HAIR!” I honestly didn’t think she’d be able to do it. I thought they were gonna throw him on a bonfire and he’d have to go all Targaryen.

But the gods answered. I don’t know if it was the Many Faced god or The Drowned God, The Seven or…? BUT somebody woke him up [Insert Praise Dance Here].  So thank all them! It’s going to be CRAZY next week.

Quick Notes: – How come Balon fell 1000 feet into the rocky seaside in a storm to his death and only had a bruise on his cheek?

I wonder how Sam will feel when he finds out what happened to Jon?

Davos, Edd and Jon are now bromance goals.

Tommnen is a wuss. Somehow I think this means he might actually live.

Calm, reflective Cersei actually seems more dangerous than bold, mean girl Cersei.

Did any notice that Melisandre was wrapped in a blanket in front of a fire? She was cold. She has never been cold. I wonder what that means. I feel like she lost some of her mojo being wrong about Stannis. She’s probably gonna have some pep in her step now that she’s successfully resurrected the Lord Commander. Heck, I even like her now. I will say, I wonder if Jon’s rebirth has more to do with who he is, rather than what she did. I guess we ‘ll find out soon enough.

Until then, chat me, Tweet me or leave a comment and let’s talk #demthrones.

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