All You Need To Know About Galaxy S8: Price, Release Date and Specs

Preorders start today for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. With a stunningly sleek and beautiful design, Samsung hopes that taking one look at it will cause you to forget its troubles over the past year. Here are the most important things you need to know about this powerful new phone.

Infinity Display: The first thing you’ll notice about the S8 is that it has no buttons on the front screen. Its edges are smoothly curved, giving it a glass bezel-less look. By using almost the entire front part of the phone for the 5.8 display (6.2 for the S8 Plus), Samsung was able to create a large-screen phone that doesn’t feel large at all. There is a digital home screen button, and you can return home by pressing hard on the home button area, even when you’re using an app and the digital home button isn’t shown.

Bixby: Samsung’s virtaul assistant is here, as if Google Assistant wasn’t enough. You can activate it by pressing a button on the side of the phone. It’s mostly meant for navigating your phone by using voice commands, but it also can use the camera to recognize objects and even landmarks and bring up information and online shopping options for them.

Face and Fingerprint Sensor: Since there is no room on the front screen, the fingerprint sensor is now located on the back, near the camera. However, there is also a face recognition sensor, which allows you to login to your phone pretty quickly. This is besides the iris scanner that was already present in the Samsung Note 7.

Autofocus Front Camera: The regular camera has remained more or less the same, besides for some minor improvements. It is the front camera that will interest you. It has an 8 megapixel sensor and autofocus. The back camera has no bump, and fits seamlessly with the glass back of the phone.

Dex Mode: If you purchase a special Samsung Dex dock, you can transform your smartphone into a kind of desktop. You’ll be able to attach a monitor, keyboard and a mouse, but you’ll still be using Android apps.

The Samsung S8 also has an improved and faster performance with its new 10 nm processing chip. They also have all the regular Samsung phone features, such as a waterproof design. Samsung isn’t drawing too much attention to their batteries (no wonder), though they did say that the batteries went through an eight-step checking process.

The Samsung S8 and the Samsung S8 Plus are available in black, blue and silver. The release date is April 21, but they can be preordered today from the major wireless carriers, starting at $720 at Verizon and $750 at At&t, T-Mobile and Sprint. The S8 Plus will set you back $850.

There is also a Samsung S8 Microsoft version. Microsoft has partnered with Samsung to create a special S8 version that has Microsoft’s apps installed, including Office and Cortana. No doubt, it’s probably the best Microsoft phone you’ll ever get.