It will come as an exciting piece of news for Allen Iverson fans that he is planning to make a comeback into professional basketball.

Iverson, who turned 36 this month, featured in a handful of games in Turkey after the teams in the NBA did not show too much interest in him the previous season. However, injuries have cut short his stint there and now, the champion basketball player is seeking another go in the NBA.

Iverson had last played for the Philadelphia 76ers in February 2010 before having to leave the side in order to be with his ill four-year old daughter.

Iverson has said that he was confident that he would be able to make it back NBA. He added that he knew that he could compete really well on the court, but if one looks at the fact that he was a part of four teams in the last two seasons he played in the NBA, it could get difficult for him.

While Iverson did admit that he had created problems for some people in the past, he would love to be a part of any of the NBA team and help them clinch the championship. Currently he has a two-year long contract with the Turkish team Besiktas for $4 million. However, he has said that he would prefer the NBA to that contract.