Alpha House Now On Amazon – First 3 Episodes Free!

Alpha House Now On Amazon – First 3 Episodes Free!

A brand new original series called “Alpha House” made its debut earlier today on Amazon’s Instant Video service.

 Alpha House,  the very first show to be released exclusively on Amazon’s “Prime” service, is to  be immediately followed by “Betas”; another original series that is set to be unveiled later on this year.

Starting today, any Amazon customer can log into Amazon Instant Video  and enjoy (or hate) the first three episodes of the series for free.

After that though, new episodes will only be available to subscribers of Amazon’s $79 a year “Amazon Prime” service. Amazon does offer a free one month trial subscription.

What is Alpha House About?

According to a press release posted earlier today by the online retail giant, as well as the show description available on the Alpha House product page, the series is meant to be a political comedy surrounding the trials and tribulation of four US senators who have (for some reason) decided to rent a house together in Washington DC.

The show is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Trudeau, and stars the British born, 5 time Golden Globe winning actor  John Goodman, and Prime Time Emmy Award winner Clark Johnson.

 What Are Viewers Saying?

At the moment of publishing this article, Alpha House has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon. Also, the general consensus (among the viewing audience) seems to be that the show is witty, entertaining and, furthermore, quite intelligent. Below are a few snippets of what viewers are saying about Alpha House:

 “Watched with my spouse after the kids went to bed and were laughing out loud. Smart, funny, and loving John Goodman’s character! Can’t wait to see more episodes (I keep checking back to see if a new one has been posted)!”

“I was extremely surprised at how much I liked this show. It’s intelligently written. What most surprised me was the production quality. Could pass as a show on HBO.”

Reportedly, there are a total of 11 episodes in the pipeline for the first season of Alpha House, with each new episode to be aired once per week (on Friday).

Have you watched the first three episodes of Alpha House?

What do you think of the series so far?

Please let us know in the comments section below.

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