Sticker an alternative to medical bracelets.QRide, a QR code sticker for helmets, was recently launched at the Roanoke GO Outdoor Festival.

A simple idea developed by a local amateur cyclist, QRide is a QR code sticker that contains all the vital medical information that a cyclist needs in case of an accident.

The QR code sticker can be placed on any helmet or hard bicycle surface in case the rider and bike are separated.

QR Codes allow significantly more data to be stored than traditional emergency ID bracelets, with their printed information. Additionally, there is less chance of forgetting to bring a helmet than there is with an ID bracelet.

QRide is currently available for direct purchase only through the company’s website. Consumers receive their QRide order by direct shipment, upon which they fill out all the necessary information and email it back to the company. The QRide Onine Emergency ID Record will then be activated.

Personal and emergency information can be updated at any time as long as the sticker exists. QRide stickers are priced at $19.95 and are available in two sizes.

What do you think of the idea of a QRide sticker for your helmet? Let us know in the comments below.