Free Apps From Amazon | Fire Phone $90 W/Prime Purchase

The sort-of-monthly free app bundle from Amazon has an extra kick for spring: an unlocked 32GB Fire Phone with a year of Prime included for $189.

Since Prime itself costs $99 a year, the effective price of the Fire Phone is $90 during this offer – if you’d be buying Prime anyway, that is.

The Fire Phone is tightly integrated with Amazon’s services and does not connect to Google Play like most Android phones, so it hasn’t been a big win for the company. It was announced last June.

The phone offer is for “a limited time”, but the Android app bundle is free through Saturday. Many of the apps have been given away previously. Let’s take a look at some new highlights, shall we?

Virtua Tennis Challenge (normally $4.99): Worth the download just for the nostalgia value of the “Virtua” bend from SEGA. The game includes 18 stadiums around the world and 50 different opponents.

Splashtop Whiteboard (normally $34.99): Made for tablets, Splashtop Whiteboard also requires the free Splashtop Streamer program for your Mac or PC. The tablet becomes an interactive whiteboard that can annotate content and control remote applications. The app also extends the functionality of hardware whiteboards from Mimeo, Mobi, Promethean, Polyvision, and Smart Technologies.

Unmechanical (normally $2.99): Control a cute little helicopter through more than 30 unique puzzles. The developer promises over three hours of child-friendly, non-violent play.

TouchDraw (normally $8.99): Need to create flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos, or floor plans? You need a vector drawing app, and TouchDraw is just that. Drawings can be extensively edited with re-usable shapes and exported in formats from simple JPEG and PDF to SVG and Visio.

Oxford Spanish Dictionary (normally $19.99): More than 300,000 words and phrases populate this reference book.

Have you gotten any apps from Amazon giveaways that you couldn’t live without? Tell us about them!