First Sailor Moon DVD/Blu-ray Now Available For Pre-Ordering

Amazon now has the first half of season one of the 90’s Sailor Moon anime available for pre-ordering.

The first 23 episodes are available for $55.99 and will ship on November 11th, of this year.

Fans of the series, which is now airing on Hulu, have waited a long time to be able to get the original uncut version of Sailor Moon on Blu-ray.

Viz Media announced earlier this summer that they would start releasing the half seasons as a DVD/Blu-ray combo.  The episodes include new voice actors and are uncut.

Since they are uncut, North America fans will finally get to see the whole story of Sailor Moon and her friends. Not just the parts that were deemed appropriate for a younger audience.

No word yet as to when the follow up sets will be released, but with most of the seasons running close to 50 episodes each, there will be roughly 10 sets to look out for in the future.

There is also no word on when or if the current reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, which is airing on Hulu as well as other streaming sites, such as Viz and Cruchyroll, will be offered in a dubbed format.

Are you excited to finally have a release date for this classic?

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Consumer Expert Mel Bodley

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