$5 worth of Amazon Coins received by US Kindle Fire UsersAmazon has issued a press release announcing that they’re giving away 500 Amazon Coins to every Kindle Fire owner.

That’s $5 in total value.

The coins can be used to make in-app purchases or buy apps directly.

Only US residents can take advantage of this offer.

There’s nothing required on the user’s end, and the credit will be applied to their accounts automatically.

However, it’s limited to 500 Amazon Coins per Kindle Fire.

The press release also states the promotion will last until December 31st, and it will be available both for new buyers of the tablet as well as existing Kindle Fire users.

The 500 Amazon Coins can only be used on Amazon Appstore and they expire after a year.

This promotion would cost Amazon a lot, but they’re keen on promoting Amazon Coins, the virtual currency of the company, announced at the start of 2013.

Amazon also stated that developers won’t be affected by the promotion and they’ll keep getting their 70% revenue share. They’re not required to make any changes.

Are you a Kindle Fire user? Have you received your Amazon Coins?