Two new services from Amazon will allow users to store and play back music from Amazon’s storage cloud.

The services are called Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player.

Users of the new services will receive five GBs of storage for free when they sign up for the service.  Additional space can be  purchased in set increments at a rate of $1 per year per GB (starting at 20 GB for $20 a year).  In addition, all music purchased from the Amazon MP3 Store will be added to the Amazon cloud without counting towards the storage quota.

Music files can then be played using the Cloud Player.  A key feature is that music can be accessed via a web browser without downloading software.  For many, this will allow them to access files on a work computer as well.

Videos, documents and pictures can also be uploaded to the Amazon cloud, and retrieved via any computer or through use of an app on Android phones and tablets.

“Cloud Drive is your personal disk drive in the cloud. Anything you put in the cloud drive is robustly stored in Amazon’s datacenters. You can upload your music collection to Cloud Drive, as well as any other digital documents,” wrote Jeff Bezos,’s Founder and CEO, as he introduced the service on Amazon’s home page,